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Content From Other Authors

This blog may see an increase in content soon, so I'm here to explain why.

First and foremost, this is my blog. It has my namesake all over it, and I want it to be very clear that I endorse the content that is here. However, to allow for more content, and to give some friends a platform, I'm going to be allowing other people to create posts here. Please continue reading:

Firstly, all posts not written by me, will have author credits in the title section, along side a link to a "bio" page. I want it to be clear when something isn't written by me, especially since my name and "face" are always in the sidebar.

This originally just started as me wanting to program more features on the site, but I realized it would be nice if I gave some of my friends an - albiet small - platform. I also realized that this would have potential for an increased output of content on the site, which will obviously be good for traffic and returning readers.

Some people may think that this lowers my integrity or something like that, and while the aforementioned Author credits were created to help alleviate those fears, I know I can't change everyone's mind, but hopefully this won't affect the majority of people's views on me and my website.

Look forward to more posts! :)