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The Attic of Unfinished Projects

It makes me kinda sad to think about all of the projects I've started that are "on the backburner", "unfinished", or otherwise in some form of purgatory.

It's quite easy to begin a new project, it's like making a sandwich for some people, starting projects everyday. I haven't even been an "adult" for a full year, yet I already have many unfinished projects.

I have this habbit, of starting something, working on it for a few months, then basically abandoning it. Just look at my GitHub repositories, you can see plenty that I haven't touched in a long time. ~6-8 months ago, I decided enough was enough for one of my projects (Breakout) and decided to revive it. But, I knew that trying to work out the old code, or improve it, was a bit of a joke. So I went all out, and decided to reboot the project from scratch (Breakout Redux). It was going well, until I hit a road block - I had accomplished my main goal (make the underlying code actually function properly, using better math than before), but it was too slow. It worked perfectly, it just ran like crap. I thought up a few ways to improve it, but it kinda got put on hold again>.

Ironically, in the process of making the post, I ended up putting off the post itself! I started writing this a few days before publishing it. Yesterday, I was sitting in class being bored, when I decided that for the hell of it, I'd mock up a snippet of code for a project I hadn't worked on in 6 months, in a language that I also hadn't used for that long. Assembly... I turned my pseudo code into actual code, then since I had nothing better to do, I plugged in my code to the actual program, and assembled it. It assembled without problem, which was pretty crazy already, but then I ran the program and the additions I had made worked, first try! I could not believe it, I was pretty ecstatic.

So today, I'm continuing my work on that old program, as well as finishing up this post. This new resolve also helps make my point clearer, which is part of the reason I postponed this post. You probably have your own list of uncompleted projects, just sitting in the endless void of your mind. So I challenge you, pick one, find some free time, and continue working on it.