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coronavirus image that definitely wasn't just the first image search result :)

Coronavirus am I right?

Ha, what kind of idiot would start a blog, then go over a month without posting... heh... yeah what kind?

Oh I guess I did that didn't I... On one hand, nothing ever really came up in my mind that made me go, hey this would make a good post! But on the other hand, I did kinda forget most of the time. If that makes you angry you won't like my excuse for making this post...

I was actually just (further) developing a management tool for my server. A simple Windows program using their "Forms" API or whatever. Basically if you've ever noticed a huge chunk of Windows programs all looking more or less the same in terms of their UI, that's because it's a standard UI you can develop with called Windows Forms. I'm just using it since it takes care of all the hard work for me and I just felt like whipping up a quick program. So far all it really does is start/stop game servers, and run some basic system commands. And this is no exception.

I added a "Website" tab to my program, and realized I could conveniently pump out things like blog posts from my program. So yes, that's literally the only reason I'm making this post right now. But, don't think about it too much. I just need some new things to talk about. I start this Collge quarter on the 20th, and obviously it's all online, so maybe that will bring some new stories or thoughts to share.

Hope everyone's doing okay. You probably are. Even if you have COVID-19, you'll probably be fine, so hang in there. If there's anything anyone would like me to talk about, feel free to leave a comment on this post below, I'm kinda bored as I just spent a ton of time moving things around. Maybe I'll make a post about my Tandy 1000 TL/2. It's a MS-DOS PC from ~1989-1990, has 3.5" and5.25" diskette drives. It even has a 3 channel speaker system with SOUND SAMPLING, and if you don't know what that means you'll probably find it rather neat.

Bye for now, stay inside or whatever.